Rebecca Gould, LMP
helping you feel better in your body



Are you ready to feel better in your body?

Could you use some nurturing, therapeutic touch?

Therapeutic Massage with Rebecca Gould, LMP can help you feel good at any age. Massage helps you improve general health, addresses problem conditions, and enhances quality of life. And Rebecca is trained in a variety of techniques including Swedish Massage, Meridian Massage, Geriatric Massage, CranioSacral Therapy, and Reiki.


"Minutes after you settle onto Rebecca's table, you enter another planet. One where your body - and the whole universe - are your friends. Her touch is magical." L.L.,  Anacortes, WA


“You’re the best massage therapist! You have a really unique style.” A.B., Seattle, WA


“Rebecca....[my husband] said you gave the BEST massage he's ever had, and he's had many!” S.S., Anacortes, WA


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